Project Summary - Design Build Floating Ramp & Barge

Project Name: Ramp & Barge, Spry Harbour, NS
Project Owner: Wild Coast Developments
Completion Date: July 2013
Contract Value: $210,000.00 CAD


Project Description:

Wild Coast Developments requested a facility for marine access in Spry Harbour, Nova Scotia.  The facility provides access for recreational watercraft with less than 5’ of draft. 

The area in Spry Harbour is exposed to wind and waves, and a typical floating wharf would not survive.  Waterworks developed a plan with the engineering firm AMEC to construct an L-Shape wharf on a drilled steel pipe pile foundation.  Unfortunately, the design exceeded the project budget.  Wild Coast requested Waterworks develop a plan with more economical design parameters.

Waterworks designed a rigid crib structure on shore, and worked with steel fabricator Marid Industries to design a 38’ long steel truss ramp and 15’ x 32’ steel pontoon barge that could withstand the exposure at the site.  Wild Coast was satisfied with the design, and awarded the project to Waterworks.


Firm’s Responsibility on the Project:

Waterworks Construction Limited was the general contractor and managed & executed the entire contract.  Waterworks used their own forces for the following scope of work:

  • Design and build the timber crib wharf.
  • Design and install the rubber fender system on the floating barge.
  • Design and plan the rubberized deck on the ramp and barge.
  • Install & anchor the floating system on site.

Waterworks engaged a team of subcontractors and construction professionals to undertake the following scope:

  • Design and fabricate ramp and barge (Marid Industries Limited).
  • Install coatings on ramp and barge, including rubberized deck surfaces (Mills protective Coating Limited).
  • Extrude a custom rubber non-marking fender system (Himmelman Elastomers Limited).

Waterworks constructed the timber crib on site, and used an excavator to prepare the place the timbers as well as the blasted rock and granular material.  Marid fabricated the ramp and barge at their facility in Windsor Junction, then Waterworks trucked the components for painting, and to the site.


Relevance of the Project:

  • This project highlights Waterworks ability to fulfill the requirements of a design build project where the fabrication of a floating structure is a critical component.
  • Waterworks designed and installed a custom extruded rubber fender system.
  • Environmental protection was a significant concern in the Spry Harbour area.  Waterworks developed an environmental protection plan with Wild Coast; and assisted in the procurement of the appropriate permits, which included a design and construction methodology to satify regulatory authorities.
  • The project had stringent requirements for schedule, budget, and quality.  Waterworks successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the project, and Wild Coast was overjoyed with the result.