Project Summary - South River Bridge Construction

Project Name: South River Bridge Highway Twinning Project, Antigonish, NS
Project Owner: NSTIR
Completion Date: September 2013
Contract Value: $33,000,000.00 CAD ($6,100,000.00 Subcontract to WCL)

Waterworks participated as a subcontractor.


Project Description:

The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation was working toward a fully divided four lane freeway between Truro and Cape Breton, segments of the existing route were two lane undivided highway.  NSTIR issued a tender to construct a super elevated curved bridge structure to support a new four lane freeway that will bypass Antigonish.

The bridge construction contract was won by Nova Construction Company Limited.  Nova selected Waterworks as the subcontractor to supply and install the drilled pile foundation.  Nova’s decision to engage Waterworks was not entirely based on price --- The South River Bridge was one of the largest contracts issued in Nova Scotia in 2013, and it was adjacent to Nova’s corporate headquarters.  Accordingly, Nova demanded experienced, dedicated, and capable subcontractors to ensure a successful project.

The jobsite was located on Lower South River, just West of Antigonish. The site was accessible by temporary roads directly off the existing highway, built by Nova.


Firm’s Responsibility on the Project:

Waterworks responsibility was to supply and install over 300 drilled and rock anchored steel pipe piles of various sizes.  Waterworks utilized their own equipment to complete this work, including custom modified 45 ton and 150 ton cranes tooled for drilling.

All of the pile locations were accessible by land, but the final cut-off elevation for the piles was below the natural waterline.  Waterworks provided consulting and equipment to assist with steel sheet pile (SSP) cell design.  Nova built the SSP cells and lowered the interior water level with industrial pumps to facilitate pile cut-off & construction of the pile reinforcement and pile caps.

Waterworks put three separate construction crews on site, working simultaneously and in coordination with one another to meet the demands of the project schedule.


Relevance of the Project:

  • The effort to design and build the SSP cells in an example of Waterworks’ ability to work with a team of designers to develop the best-value solution for a challenging project.
  • This project highlights Waterworks' capability and resources managing a large labour force, multitude of equipment, and simultaneous heavy civil construction operations.