Recreational Dock Systems

Waterworks was founded as a recreational dock contractor.  We continue to build recreational docks and marinas because even though they only represent 1% of our volume, they are responsible for 99% or our reputation. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, recreational waterfront development is one of our favoured creative outlets.

Waterworks speciality is creating signature waterfronts; which may include seawalls, rigid wharf structures, and floating dock systems to facilitate full-time walkup access to your yacht.  We offer turnkey service, from permit procurement to a fender system customized for your vessel, and everything in between.  We’re continually searching for the best materials, products, and solutions so you can enjoy being close to the water — and forget about the burdens of maintaining a dock.

We are pleased to address all opportunities and obligations in a prompt and professional manner.  This includes 24/7 x 365 service.  Just call, we’re always available to attend to the needs of our clients.  We value long lasting relationships and commit to the service, repair, modification, et al. on all projects.

Waterworks offers a fall dock removal and spring re-installation program exclusively to clients (and their successors).  Most floating docks systems should be removed, cleaned, and inspected during the non-boating season.  No matter where your property is, if we built it, we’ll help manage the maintenance.