South River Bridge Construction

The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation was working toward a fully divided four lane freeway between Truro and Cape Breton, segments of the existing route were two lane undivided highway.  NSTIR issued a tender to construct a super elevated curved bridge structure to support a new four lane freeway that will bypass Antigonish.

Spry Harbour Marine Access

Wild Coast Developments requested a facility for marine access in Spry Harbour, Nova Scotia.  The facility provides access for recreational watercraft with less than 5’ of draft.

Sango Brook Water Intake

Prior to 2010, the community of Natuashish was reliant upon a number of wells for potable water.  Sango Brook was identified as a more reliable source of fresh water and a water distribution system to the brook had been constructed.  However, the soil for the final 300 feet of the water intake system was in a liquid state and the system could not be completed using traditional water system construction methodology.  

Halifax DND Dockyard Floating Force Protection Barrier

The Canadian Navy requested a proposal for a floating fence at the Halifax Dockyard.  The 1-mile long fence would protect the naval facility from terrorist threats, and provide demarcation of the dockyard boundaries for recreational and commercial vessels operating in Halifax Harbour.

Woodside Ferry Terminal Pontoon Replacement

Waterworks Construction was awarded a contract to design-build  the Woodside Ferry Terminal pontoon replacement.  The approach was second to none; every aspect of the requirements was analyzed and scrutinized to ensure the most innovative strategy with respect to construction methodologies available, installation procedure, lifespan of the pontoon, schedule, project cost, maintenance requirements, and overall buoyancy including draft & freeboard.