Project Summary - Halifax DND Dockyard Floating Force Protection Barrier

Project Name: Floating Force Protection Barrier, Halifax Dockyard
Project Owner: Department of National Defence
Completion Date: July 2009
Contract Value: $3,500,000.00 CAD


Project Description:

The Canadian Navy requested a proposal for a floating fence at the Halifax Dockyard.  The 1-mile long fence would protect the naval facility from terrorist threats, and provide demarcation of the dockyard boundaries for recreational and commercial vessels operating in Halifax Harbour.

Defence Construction Canada issued an RFP for the design, fabrication, and installation of the floating fence.  Proposals were evaluated based on team experience, schedule, compliance with the stated performance criteria, and price.


Firm’s Responsibility on the Project:

This contract was won by Waterworks Defence Limited; who engaged a US based company, Worthington Waterway Barriers to design and supply the floating fence components. Worthington is the world’s most trusted name in waterway barriers for anti-terrorist security.  Waterworks completed the design and installation of the anchor system, as well as assembly & installation of the fence.

The fence was anchored with an intricate system of concrete blocks, chain, steel cable, and Amsteel blue mooring rope.  Waterworks placed 63 anchors between 8 and 15 tonnes each from their concrete barge with an 80T crane.  The anchors were placed in location with GPS technology, while two navy tugboats positioned the barge.

Waterworks assembled the fence components at their marine terminal in Woodside.  The crew on site efficiently managed the delivery of many truckloads of material simultaneously with the ongoing assembly effort, and strictly adhered to the assembly instructions provided by Worthington.

The fence was completed and installed, but within weeks Waterworks determined Worthington’s design would not withstand the exposure of Halifax Harbour.  Cracks developed in the steel framework and in a large storm failure of critical connections would be imminent.  Waterworks worked with Worthington to remove, repair, and reinstall every piece of fence at no additional cost or disruption to the client.


Relevance of the Project:

  • The FFPB project personifies Waterworks ability to assemble a dedicated and invested team of experts to successfully execute a contract.
  • This project highlights Waterworks' years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry.  This experience has been gained from numerous unique and challenging projects like the FFPB.
  • Marine work has inherent hazards.  In order to mitigate these hazards a specialty safety plan was developed for the barge work and fence assembly and proper precautions and associated documentation were completed. 
  • The project had stringent requirements for schedule, budget, and quality.  Waterworks successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the project, and the DND was satisfied with the result.
  • Even though a significant repair effort was required after the initial installation, the client was not negatively affected.  Waterworks continues to have an excellent relationship with all project stakeholders.