Safety, including concern and care for employees, subcontractors, clients, and the public are Waterworks Construction Limited’s highest values and will not be compromised.

Waterworks has over 20 consecutive years of COR certification with the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association (NSCSA).  Waterworks is also a proud laureate of the NSCSA's Chair’s Award of Excellence for the Safest Company.

Waterworks employs the services of DeYoung Consultants to aid in the management & coordination of safe work, and as part of Waterworks comprehensive effort to comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards, work practices, and provisions as required by regulatory authorities, and to the satisfaction of our clients.  Furthermore, Waterworks has implemented the digitized safety software SiteDocs™ to monitor, record, and socialize all safety related documentation.   Waterworks works hand-in-hand with employees and DeYoung to develop and implement detailed safety plans, including site-specific hazard assessments and preventative and protective measures to meet the demands of each job.

In addition to the obligatory training and safety courses required by governing authorities, Waterworks is proud of the safety culture that has been created within the organization. All personnel are engaged, and make a conscious effort to work in a safe, responsible, and respectable manner. Waterworks is committed to look for opportunities to maintain, and even improve, the excellent safety precedent that has been established since 1975.